About the Internal Audit Office

Our goal is that the Internal Audit Office will be perceived as a respected and independent resource that performs services with objectivity, integrity and impartiality.

Supporting and steering documents

Our work is regulated by the internal audit constitution. The University Board has established guidelines for the internal audit, describing the purpose for the audits, how to approach the audit work, interplays, authorizations and responsibilities.

The guidelines for the internal audit function also describe how the internal audits should be planned, how to assure quality requirements, how to communicate results and how to report to the University Board.

Audit committee

The audit committee is a counseling committee to the University board set out to support the internal audit in its work and to discuss and prepare internal audit plans and reviews before they are reported to the board. Committee members are drawn from members of the University board. The committee consists of one chairperson, one representative for the teatchers and one representative for the students. The chief internal auditor is head draftsman of the committee.

The Swedish National Audit Office and the Swedish National Financial Management Authority

The Swedish National Audit Office is assigned by the government to review how the tax money is being used in the public sector. On a yearly basis, it reviews the university’s annual report, especially regarding the university’s accounting and its fulfillment of legal framework. The Swedish National Audit Office also conducts audits of the university's efficiency, so-called Performance Audits.

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority has the government’s assignment to coordinate and add to the development of the internal audit through capacity building, certification programmes for auditors, network meetings etc. It is also assigned to work with quality assurance in public audits, and reports annually to the government.

Contact Information

Chief internal auditor Susanne Hellqvist
Umeå University
S-901 87 Umeå 

Visiting Address
The university liaison building

Tel:  +46 90 786 66 40

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