Internal Audit Office

The purpose of the Internal Audit Office is to support the University Management, faculties, departments and centers in making their activities assertive and well organized.

The Internal Audit Office works independently and unbiased in the reviews and support/counseling, and is set to support the university by evaluating its activities, observance of rules, fulfillment of the Swedish government’s goals, and the demands for effectiveness in the university activities.

The Internal Audit Office reports its evaluations and observations to the University Board, for decisions on further actions in the matters. The audit activities for the past year are presented in an annual report, which is delivered to the University Board in February every year.

Entré Östra flygeln

Image: Annica Höglund

For Staff

Information for staff that was previously found at the Internal Audit Office web pages, can now be found at the website for staff that you can access by clicking "Staff" in the top left corner of this page.